Oprah and Maya Angelou speak of their love for Unity teachings!

When she was in her 20s, Dr. Maya Angelou discovered the Unity Church. In this segment from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, Dr. Angelou is moved to tears while recalling the revelation, found in a Unity book, that changed her life forever.

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Jack Fowler

Rev. Jack Fowler
Spiritual Leader

We are an inclusive and welcoming spiritual family, honoring all paths and lifestyles.

We believe that religion is belief in someone else’s experience; spirituality is having your own experience.

We are here to support you on your unique, Divine spiritual path through services and  life changing classes.

We know that every person is a magnificent Expression of God. There has never been nor ever will be another You – You are God’s gift to the world, and your presence honors us.

Come join the celebration!


New Year’s Eve 
TUESDAY,  JAN. 31  6:00-7:15pm
Join our spiritual community for a powerful ceremony of releasing the worn out thoughts, habits and conditioning that keep us from experiencing our best life. Reach into the stillness and receive the wisdom to know what needs to be let go; all those things that no longer serve us.
Rev. Jack will lead us through a process of contemplation after which we’ll write on paper what needs to be place into the fire of transformation; each of us will stand before a literal fire outside and watch the embers evaporate, symbolic of the internal releasing and letting go, to create a place for something new and extraordinary to be created.

Be the best version of YOU that you can be!
2020 is a special year; a time of transformation and change.
Become part of the solution as we become the presence of love in the world.


We will NOT be meeting WEDNESDAYS for COMMUNITY MEDITATION or ‘A COURSE IN MIRACLES’ in December or on New Year’s Day.

Join us WEDNESDAY, JAN. 8, 2020 to start the year off right!

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