About Us

Unity  of Metairie welcomes individuals and families from the Greater New Orleans community and visitors to our area to join us in celebrating the magnificent life we were destined to have. We welcome you with open arms and ask only that you come to us with an open mind and an open heart. Please feel free to bring your family and friends along.

Our Vision Statement: “Centered in God, we co-create a world that works for all.”

Our Foundation Statement: “We demonstrate God’s Good by expressing love and acceptance as demonstrated by Jesus Christ, a Master Teacher”

Unity’s 5 Basic Principals

1. THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD – We are One with God, the Creator of all. There is One Power and One Presence in the Universe. At Unity, we don’t believe in a force for evil. Yet we recognize that some use their God-given creative power and freedom of choice for purposes other than good. God is a creative Universal energy that is Good and everywhere present.

2. EVERYONE IS DIVINE – We are spiritual beings, created in God’s image. The spirit of God lives within each person; therefore, all people are inherently good. We accept everyone and everything as unique expressions of God. We believe in God’s divine plan of human diversity: notably as it relates to culture, ethnicity, religious belief, background and lifestyle. No one is excluded from God’s UNITY.

3. PRAYER ALIGNS US WITH GOD – We heighten our connection with God through prayer and co-manifest our desires through affirmative prayer. We believe in the spiritual disciplines of Prayer, Study, Meditation and Service and Giving that bring us closer to our purpose: Joy. Prayer aligns us with our Birthright: Abundance, Peace, Health and Joy.

4. WHAT WE FOCUS ON EXPANDS – Our beliefs, thoughts and feelings co-create with God to bring our thinking into reality. Whatever we’re thinking, believing and feeling manifests in our lives. Practicing self-responsibility, we are responsible for our co-creative power and life’s outcomes. Knowledge of spiritual principles is not enough. We must practice them and live them.

5. CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS IS THE GOAL – Unity is founded on the Bible’s message, but not in the traditional sense. For instance: We see all as born in perfection, not sin. We aspire to live Christ’s teaching, but we see only our highest thoughts as “saving.” We see Jesus as The Christ, yet He is among many great Master Teachers that inspire us. We believe that God still speaks today, just as It did 2000 years ago.

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