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Our 41st BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION has been rescheduled for

SUNDAY, AUGUST 4 at 10:30am (CDT).    Make plans to join us!

One of the ideas we use in Unity is to learn to ‘go with the flow’ and allow life to unfold without resistance. That is exactly what is happening this weekend as we wait for tropical storm Barry to make landfall. Wherever you are, remember that the light of God surrounds you in safety and love. Stay high and dry and we’ll see you soon.    Many Blessings!




With Rev. Jack Fowler
Each WEDNESDAY at 6:00PM

Join us for a powerful experience of stillness, silence and deep connection. ‘Enough with such questions, let silence take you to the core of all of life. All of your talk is worthless when compared to one whisper of God from the silence’ – RUMI


Each WEDNESDAY at 7:00PM

Join Rev. Jack and a group of awesome spiritual seekers to share experiences of working with this mind and heart altering material.    Learn to see the world through the eyes of love, instead of fear.

No Experience Necessary!

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